Liza Dietzen grew up in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. At her childhood elementary school, her librarian Sherri Wolf read her kindergarten class the story of Balto as part of the class curriculum. Liza was completely engaged in the story and eagerly waited for her teacher to finish the story before raising her hand and expressing that she was one day going to do the Iditarod.

Ever since, Liza has worked towards her goal of one day racing in the famous 1,000 mile race across the Alaskan Wilderness by dog team.

She built her first dogsled when she was in 7th grade, ran a two dog Siberian Husky team around the park in 9th grade, and ran her first race with Snowy Plains Kennel in 2010 after moving to the Upper Peninsula to attend college.

In 2011, Liza gained the opportunity to join musher David Gill at Team Evergreen Kennel. That season, Liza competed competitively for the first time, including a 150 mile race. When David retired from the sport in 2012, Liza took over the remaining dogs from the team and continued Team Evergreen at the age of 23.

In 2014, Liza amped things up as she raced in her first two Iditarod qualifying races: Seney 300 and UP200, bringing her team just a little bit closer to her one day dream of running the big race in Alaska. As she continually gains experience from her racing, she is excited to think about Iditarod becoming a reality in the not so distant future.