Derek Weavermet Liza through class at Northern Michigan University. They started dating in January 2009 and enjoy doing outdoor activities together. Derek is also in the Army National Guard through Saganaw, Michigan.

Derek joined the Army his Senior year of high school as part of the infantry. He later went on to train as a sniper before heading out on his first deployment in 2012.

Derek studied Wildlife Management and Criminal Justice in school and graduated from the Police Academy in 2016. He's been helping Liza with dogsledding since she first got started in 2009.

Derek is a huge help around the yard and at races. He is dedicated and is always there for support.
In his spare time, Derek enjoys hunting, camping, going for hikes, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. During the summer, he and Liza like to spend time in the woods walking, or climbing Sugarloaf and Hogsback Mountain. On really hot days, even a swim in Lake Superior sounds nice!

Liza appreciates all that Derek does for her. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun without his support and encouragement along the way. He's never told her what she's wanted to do couldn't be done - that doesn't mean he hasn't called her crazy though.
Amanda LaVoie met Liza when she got her new Aussie puppy and was walking through the local pet food store where Liza worked. They started talking dogs, and that's where it all began.

Amanda got involved with the dogsledding aspect a couple years later when she was looking for some extracurricular activities to get involved with outdoors as she is studying Wildlife and Fisheries at college. Liza joked that she could come help with the sled dogs if she was brave enough.

In fall 2015, Amanda joined Liza as main handler for her team after Tim had to move away from the area.

Even though the season was brutal miles and demanding on time, Amanda stuck it out and went
on every run, no matter the weather, with enthusiasm and excitement for adventure (and there were a lot of them!). Amanda handled her first race that winter (the UP200) and did a fantastic job handling the high demands of the job.

Amanda is great working with animals and is able to hone in on their emotions which is an important aspect in our team. In only one season working with us, she's been able to pick out minor injuries before they get severe and has been a valuable resource in dog behavior and training. She's motivated to learn which makes her really fun to be around because everything is something new to learn!
Tim Woodmet Liza through school at Northern Michigan University. She talked about sled dogs often and finally recruited Tim to join Team Evergreen in 2011 to help Liza as her main handler.

When Tim went on his first training run with Liza he was thrilled at the joy and excitement of being behind a dog team for the first time. Liza could feel his excitement and asked him if she was going to make a musher out of him. He simply replied, "No, I just enjoy spending time with the dogs."

Tim ran his first race that season.

Tim has since graduated from college and is now living in Ovid, Michigan where he enjoys working with the older retired sled dogs of Team Evergreen.
In 2013, Tim helped Liza train the main string and ran in his second, more competitve, race. In 2014, he ran a 6 dog team once again at the IronLine and was voted by the musher's for the Sportsmanship Award.

During his years at the kennel, Tim has gone from having no dogs, to now having five. He provides a wonderful home to many of our retired dogs. He has a very large fenced in yard where they enjoy running without the worry of pulling a sled. Tim's dedication to the team is great to have around and Liza is grateful to have him as part of her team.