Would you like to join Team Evergreen Kennel as a supporter and sponsor but are not a business and do not want to make a monetary donation? Then you're in the right place. We are always in need of items throughout the year that range in price. See the list below or drop us a note asking what we are currently in need of! We always love to hear from our followers! Please ship items to our kennel address which can be found on our contact page. Thanks!
BOOTIES – Mountain Ridge
we purchase and use the standard green booties in sizes ranging from x-small to large.

HARNESSES – Adanac Sleds
all of our harnesses are from Adanac. We use the multi-sport one in foam padding. If ordering harnesses, please add reflective tape and contact us before placing order.

we use these snaps on our dogs tie outs. They are long lasting and durable. We use size large.

if you'd like to help with our travel costs, Holiday Stations are the most convenient for us here in the UP.

CABLE ROPE- Tractor Supply
this covered cable rope is what we use to make our ganglines, which we prefer to replace at least every other race season, if not every season. 12 feet will make one section of gangline.

ROPE – 10 Squared
we use the 8mm rope in green for our tuglines. 6 feet makes one tugline.

RUNNER PLASTIC– 10 squared
We use MATRIX runner plastic in either RED or WHITE, 8 feet long.

CHAIN- Menards
our chain tie-outs wear and tear yearly, they break and need replacing. Each dog's tie-out is roughly 6 feet long.

BUCKETS- Menards
we can always use new food safe buckets (white). We use them for feeding and as water buckets during the summer. Because of constant use, we replace them often to keep the dogs food from getting contaminated and water from getting icky.

POOP SCOOP- FosterSmith
so simple and so necessary. We go through them faster than you may think. We scoop a lot of poop! Order large pan, please with either rake or spade. Contact us to see if we are in need before ordering.
All of our individual sponsors recieve recognition on our facebook page and website. They also receive an autographed photo of our race team at one of our races along with a thank you letter at the end of the season. We appreciate each and every one of our sponsors and donors as Team Evergreen would not exist without their help and support. Please see our donations page for a list of our individual sponsors and donors. As always, mush on!