Every year, Team Evergreen participates in or donates to local events that support our local animal shelter: the Upper Penninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS). We walk in the Dog Dash on the fourth of July; we participate in the Strut Your Mutt in early September, and donate our time to some of these events in order to help organize and make them run more smoothly. As of August 2016, Team Evergreen has donated over $1,500 to UPAWS since 2011. Way to go Team!
dog dash
dog dash dogdash dogdash
Every year, Liza and some of the canines and other members of Team Evergreen travel throughout the UP and Wisconsin to give school presentations to students ranging from elementary school to high school. Team Evergreen also partakes in local events, such as the Gwinn Wellness Fair, to help educate the public about sled dog health and fitness, as well as musher health and fitness. Liza also enjoys doing presentations for the general public about twice a year at local libraries where people of all ages attend.
Our team is very focused on the socialization of our canine compainions outside of races and our own home. We believe that "happy, healthy dogs" goes beyond what we do at races and in our own home. We are grateful for organizations, such as TacoMo Dog Training, who organize bi-weekly Pack Walks where locals and their pets gather and take walks through town to help socialize their dogs to other people and situations. These walks have improved our dogs' temperments and additudes towards strangers at races!